FAQ and Disclaimer

What am I purchasing? You will receive the xLights files (Sequence.xml and rgbeffects.xml) in a zip format that you can open and then import into your xlights layout.

Are the Audio / Music Files included? No sorry but the links are provided to Amazon music, however if you have difficulty purchasing the audio please contact us.

If after purchasing you don’t receive a email with the download link, just check your junk email folder or contact us: RGBsequences@gmail.com

How do I import the effects? We have created a video demonstrating importing a sequence available from here; https://youtu.be/-3SLMqlkYMkWe also include a Group Map of our Standard Layout and also some Sequence Import Tips to help you obtain the maximum impact for our Sequences. Remember to also to import all the Timing Tracks as this can easily be overlooked (there is a tick box option at the top on the Import Effects Mapping Box.

You can view our Sequence import tips here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4j82in0e74wa2u/Sequence%20Import%20Tips%20070920.pdf?dl=0

You can view our Grouping map here, Note not all groups are used in every sequence as we do try and keep the group count down for easy importing.

Standard Layout https://www.dropbox.com/s/4eksbqhzatboddl/Mapping%20Guide%20-%20Std%20Layout.pdf?dl=0

HD Layout https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4hbawpup3mm46t/Mapping%20Guide%20-%20HD%20Layout.pdf?dl=0

If a sequence contains singing faces and images, here is a copy of how to assign the singing faces to your Mega Tree. https://www.dropbox.com/s/206mglaenu3ekgo/Singing%20Faces%20%20How%20to%20assign%20images%20to%20Mega%20Tree.pdf?dl=0

We have also created a video demonstrating setting up Mega Tree / Matrix face images. https://youtu.be/zDVMYd-K2XM

If a sequence also includes the Mega Tree Effects in a separate file you have the option to use this .avi type file or the original contained in the sequences, the .avi video file is applied as a Video Effect in xLights and may be suitable to use if you have a 16 String Mega Tree, information contained here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7smfau1qw7olmxi/Mega%20Tree%20Effects%20Option%20-%20avi%20file.pdf?dl=0

What to do if I open a downloaded sequence and nothing seems to appear. This could be a couple of reasons including xLights Show Folder location not correct or sometimes doe to long sequence file names and long folder paths. Please refer to this guide. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj5slz9mwnr9153/Unzipping%20RGB%20Sequences%20Download%20Files.pdf?dl=0

High Density Props – Submodels and Grouping Downloads

Boscoyo Geo Wreath – https://www.dropbox.com/s/80goxr7k0scku65/Boscoyo%20PPD%20Wreath%20RGBsequences.xmodel?dl=0

GE Rosa Wreath – https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zz3rd37c2p6by1/GE%20RosaWreath%20RGBsequences.xmodel?dl=0

GE MOAW – https://www.dropbox.com/s/sun2xyj6ro7r5pd/GE%20MOAW%20RGBsequences.xmodel?dl=0

EFL Design Fan Arch – https://www.dropbox.com/s/30cusm6r9b3gfkd/EFL%20Fan%20Arch%20RGBsequences.xmodel?dl=0

The Sequences have been made specifically for importing and thus you will find the Sequencing is performed at a Group Model Level and thus the process should be quick and easy, however if you are having issues please contact us.

Does RGB Sequences provide custom sequences? Sorry not at the moment, but feel free to contact us as we may be offering Made to Order sequencing option soon.

Does RGB Sequences provide one on one tuition, custom mapping etc? Sorry not at the moment and we can offer limited support via email however there may be a delay due to the different time zones etc.

You understand fees are for the creation of Sequences (labor services only). RGB Sequences does not sell videos, music, software or images found on the internet. You are responsible for owning any rights to necessary media that may be copyrighted. 

RGB Sequences does not accept returns once Sequence is downloaded or purchased by a customer.  All Sales are final. Any lost sequences can be re-sent after we receive a request for replacement and confirm payment. You will be purchasing a single home user license for one property. Sequences are not for commercial use. You may copy effects from the sequences into your own sequences however these effects can not be included in any Sequences you may wish to share.

You are not licensed to share, sell, or trade any sequences purchased from this site, including custom sequences, singing faces or effects. Please do not share sequences or upload to other sites as they are marked for identification purposes.

RGB Sequences are not responsible for maintaining sequences available on our website . In no event shall we be held liable for any loss of any sequences. It is users sole responsibility to maintain appropriate backup of any sequences or content. However if you can provided a proof of purchase and with no obligation, we may be able to resend some or all of your purchased sequences however we make no guarantee that the data you need will be available and we strongly suggested you source and maintain all your own sequence and content backups.

We have the right to change anything as required on this site.