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Some xLights sequences available are for larger layouts that have multiple Megatree’s, large Matrices and a yard full of numerous props and these sequences may not suit your layout, well RGB Sequences have created a range of xLights sequences for easy importing specifically for smaller to medium sized layouts.

We provide two options on the Layouts as shown on the product descriptions so you can decide which is best suited for your Layout.

The focus of our sequencing is to utilise techniques to provide maximum impact for all your props in your Layout in a easy to import method, however you will find the effects also map easily to other props not shown in our Layout.

Here is a guide for importing a sequence to your layout

Here is a guide how to assign singing faces images on a Mega Tree for The Weeknd – Blinding Lights sequence.

Please be aware prior to downloading or purchasing a sequence we are unable to provide direct technical or sequencing support with limited advise able to provided via email only. We do offer a couple of free xLights sequences you may wish to try (we suggest Idina Menzel – Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas) before making any purchases. If you do experience any difficulties downloading a purchased sequence please contact us. Thank you